Albergo diffuso (“spread hotel”) is a proposal of accommodation devised to offer guests a life experience in a village, but relying on the convenience of the normal hotel services.

Its main feature is to be composed of a series of rooms or apartments spread within the old town, just a few hundred meters from the reception, which is the “heart” of the structure, the building where the receiving and common spaces and services are located.




For these reasons, unaccustomed tourist destinations are choosen for the albergo diffuso, preferring small old towns, where guests can savor traditional dishes, attend demonstrations of local culture (festivals, village festivals, religious rites, etc ..), easily access to the historical and cultural sites to be visited and explore unspoiled nature trails.

Furthermore the albergo diffuso is also a land development model with a very low environmental impact. To give life to a albergo diffuso, in fact, you do not need to build anything; we limit ourselves to recover and renovate existing buildings by placing them in the network in an organized manner.


The birth of an albergo diffuso characterizes and animates the historical towns, stimulating initiatives and involving manufacturers and local merchants, considering them as one of the key components of the offer.